Branchville is one of the oldest towns in the county being established 1734, which is a distinction to be proud of. However, the citizens of Branchville are also proud of the Branchville Depot, known also as the Southern Railroad Passenger Depot, which was built in 1877. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

Branchville SC Depot 2007

The citizens celebrate being home to the world’s longest railroad junction and the oldest railroad depot in the world with their annual Raylroad Daze Festivul.

Branchville Festival
Courtesy of the Times and Democrat

Oral history is one of the oldest and most respected ways of preserving memories and interpreting events passed through generations. The Branchville Museum and Shrine take the ancient art of storytelling to the internet.  

Branchville demonstrates the many ways a community celebrates its history and heritage through the arts.