Board Member

Pamela J. Gaskins

Pamela, originally from Columbia, South Carolina, is a retired art teacher from the Orangeburg County School District in Orangeburg. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in art/painting from the University of South Carolina and a  graduate degree in education from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

Pamela has had artwork published in NAEA (National Art Education Association) magazine and her art lesson plans borrowed, with permission, for use in graduate educational courses at Phoenix University. 

Growing up in Columbia, Pamela worked in flower shops as a teen and developed a love for plants, flowers and flower arranging and continues to grow plants, flowers and gardens as a hobby. 

Pamela has explored and enjoyed many of the museums and art venues in Columbia, and she would like to contribute to similar opportunities for the residents of Orangeburg County. Her specific interest are in visual art experiences and art education.

As interim director of the OCFAC (Orangeburg County Fine Artas Center) while renovations were taking place, Pamela taught classes and created art to be sold for fundraising. During that time,  she discovered that the Arts Center fills a necessary niche in the Orangeburg community.

Pamela joined the OCFAC Board in retirement in order to explore and contribute to the education of individuals of all ages who want to learn more about the art making process.