Raishad Glover

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  • Website: https://raishadjglover.org 


Raishad JaBar Glover was born 1980 in Heidelberg, Germany. Glover attended The Governor’s School for the Arts in Greenville, SC; attended New Orleans Center for Creative Arts in New Orleans, LA (High School Diploma); attended Tufts University, School of Museum for Fine Arts in Boston, MA (Studio Diploma); attended Yale University, Yale School of Art in New Haven, CT (MFA). 

Glover considers himself a Conceptual artist who practices with mediums such as Lenticular Printing, Graphite Powder, Bees wax, Dura-trans/backlit Film, Analog/Digital Photography and LED Lights. 

Previously, Raishad has taught, Sustainable Architectural Design at Putney Student Travel, Computing Specialist at Yale University Digital Media Center for the Arts,  Studio Art and Visual Communication at Southern Arkansas University, to name a few. He is currently an Assistant Professor teaching Digital Design and Studio Art at the historically black college Claflin University in Orangeburg SC. Glover has exhibited his work in the United Kingdom, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, New York, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Washington DC, Connecticut and Georgia.

Glover lives and works in Orangeburg SC. He is represented by The George Gallery, Charleston SC.  

Artist Statement

My art process leads with the notion of diligence and simplicity applicable to innovative culture and traditional media. Exercising principles and design elements, such as; rhythm, value, line, and color, to name a few, guides my development. The complementary studies that inspire my studio habits are Community Networking Formats, Ecological Design Services, and Visual Systems.

My objective is to facilitate the movement of art and design foundations, within a nurturing studio environment, by cherishing semantic aesthetics, including the praxis of structured productivity from conventional methods, algorithmic perception, and abstract concepts. These current design objectives administer an open-source of solutions, involving awareness on problem-solving, historical perspective, and practical/theoretical proficiency.

Through medium practices and fundamental foundations, it influences my research on pragmatic exploration, self-awareness, and commits to a heightened study on how progressive art and design styles have motivated relationships and environments.

H2O C15 H12 Br4 O2
H2O C15 H12 Br4 O2 Phase II 2013 by Raishad Glover. 3 Block of Ice 3 Hoodies Dimensions Variable
Identity 2018 by Raishad Glover. LED Lightbox 24 x 36 inches
Untitled Coming Of Age 2007 by Raishad Glover. LED Light box Duratran Print 24 x 24 inches
Untitled Warf Taste The Rainbow 2007 by Raishad Glover. India Ink Gouache on Board 24 x 36 inches
Bioluminescent  Medium-Graphite Enamel Acrylic Beeswax on Hemp Fiberboard
Early Bird
Gumbo Grid Phase II