Ricardo Quiñónez

Assistant Professor of Studio Art
Department of Art
Claflin University
400 Magnolia St.
Orangeburg, SC, 29115
Tel: 803-535-5290
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Artist Statement

I am an artist and educator who like to create a humanistic and positive impact on the places and in people where I am. I have an endless passion for creating art and a great love for teaching, mentoring and the training of young artists who want to succeed in the arts and humanities. My great curiosity to discover new challenges has generated a large space with unlimited possibilities. My insightful goal is to develop diverse artistic spaces as creative initiative and seek new trends in arts as a revolutionary way of intellect, thinking, and reasoning.  I prepared my students for a risk taking, confident decision-making and encourage them to develop the ability to examine and communicate ideas visually and verbally. As an artist, I encourage my students to see that there are neither limitations to creativity, nor visual or conceptual problems that can't be solved; but yet to explore a humane universe of infinite diverse forms of expression and a full life of creativity, curiosity and maturity change. 

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