Glenn Saborosch

Sculptor in steel 
Neeses, South Carolina

In my figurative pieces, I work in an impressionistic manner, not looking for great detail but for a feeling of movement. I accomplish this with lines that represent muscle and bone against negative space to create tension that suggests movement. 

In my non-objective pieces, my focus is the same; the interest in the quality of line. It is lines and the spaces between them that appeal to me. My non-objective work is made from cast-off parts of machinery, mostly agricultural ones. This series of work is titled "Home Grown" and they are numbered in order of completion. These sculptures do not refer to anything in the real world or the job the part or parts formerly performed. 

After being introduced to welded steel sculpture in high school, I rarely looked back. Steel is my medium and part of my message. My avocations also involve steel--old trucks, old tractors and parts of things that work or do not. 

Most of my commissions involve figurative or representational work. My most publicly exhibited piece is in the Cinderella venue at Disneyland near Tokyo, Japan. In this piece I illustrate the "story beat" in which the Grand Duke discovers that Cinderella's foot fits the glass slipper. To view the Cinderella sculpture, search "Fairy Tale Hall Cinderella's Castle Walk Through POV Tokyo Disneyland Japan". The piece will be visible at 4 minutes 50 seconds in the video.


Fit To Be Tied
Home Grown 1 b
Home Grown 2
Home Grown 7