Elsie Fogle

Elsie Fogle has been a frequent contributor to exhibits at the Orangeburg County Fine Arts Center, in addition to offering art classes to adults and children. She is also known for recognizing and mentoring others with artistic abilities. Her primary medium is watercolors, though she is equally comfortable with oils and acrylics. Painting has been Elsie’s lifelong passion and she is especially inspired by the natural environment. Her lively use of colors is her trademark.

“I like for visitors to know they are welcome at any time to visit my studio. Just call to schedule a visit. Also, I have paintings in all 50 states and five countries, including corporate and personal collections. I feel very blessed.

I wish I was really deep and could say my paintings are unique but they are just things that speak to me.  Perhaps it’s color or combinations of smooth and rough surfaces next to each other. I find uncultivated flowers twice as interesting as a planned garden.  Handmade pottery, cups for my coffee, give warmth, smooth glaze on the outside with the roughness of the bottom. I buy signed pieces and wonder how the potter feels when working on a set of mugs. Paintings have lights and darks, textures, and you can feel the warmth or coolness of your subject.”

1970 Carolina Ave Orangeburg, SC  29115
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Elsie Fogle
Historic Home in Rock Hill
Homeland Security
Palmetto Blue and Green
Palmetto Pairs
Palmettos on Red by Fogle
Pink Cottage by Fogle
Shrimper 2
Sunrise Zebra 2
Sunset Zebra