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Celeste Smith

Celeste Smith is a native of Orangeburg county and has been avidly involved in the dance and fitness industry since childhood, starting with clogging and evolving to include many different genres. She is the owner and director of Move with Celeste dance studio located on Summers Ave in Orangeburg, where she offers a variety of classes. Celeste is thrilled to have the opportunity over this past year to add clogging and hip hop at Westbrook Wellness in St George. 

After starting out primarily as a clogging instructor, Celeste has expanded and added many different offerings to her teaching schedule over the years. She has created a high energy children’s movement program called Movin’ and Groovin’ that she instructs in many preschools and daycare centers. She teaches clogging and hip hop to children and adults. In the fitness arena: Celeste is a licensed Zumba instructor and the co-creator of Cardio Yoga Fusion, a comprehensive fitness class that incorporates elements of dance, HIIT, plyometrics, and yoga for an intense total body workout.  

In addition to her busy teaching schedule Celeste has choreographed and directed dozens of stage productions and dance recitals over the course of her career.  The Orangeburg community looks forward to her Christmas and spring shows each year.  

Celeste is mom to five and “CeCe” to three, and is always up for a new adventure!